Fairy tales come to life in Goldenhorn Fairyland in Bohinj

We are pleased to announce the most magical event – THE GOLDDENHORN FAIRYLAND for our youngest and the young at heart in Bohinj, Slovenia.

For the sixth year in a row, a Fairy tale Festival – THE GOLDDENHORN FAIRYLAND will be organized on 20. and 21. May 2017. The slogan of the festival: THE FAIRY TALES ARE HOME AT THE END OF THE WORLD (U konc’ sveta so pravljice doma) – is the word game for the name of a place in Bohinj, where the festival is held – Ukanc (konec – the end), where the valley ends and big mountains arise.

Goldenhorn magical Fairyland is primarily intended for families with small children, groups of kindergarten and first three grades of primary schools and professional training of staff in kindergartens and schools.

It is a walking polygon with seven stops. Seven Bohinj fairy tales with its typical magical characters are represented, each with its own station, where you can find stamp identification board and proposals for the playful and educational activities in nature. Kids stamp the seals into neatly catalogue that they get before entering the Glodenhorn Fairyland.

Activities on the Goldenhorn fabulous trails are designed to encourage the use of seven senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste, type, balance, and kinaesthetic. In addition to the senses the participants will be able to get to know seven different emotions.  

On the marked trail, children can engage in the natural forms of movement: walking, running, jumping, climbing, spinning, rocking and crawling. Surrounding offers many recreational options that kids advantageously exploit.

Ukanc with its Goldenhorn Fairyland is therefore a playground of fairy tale creatures, where children enrich their imagination and their picturesque world.

Goldenhorn fairytale land is possible to visit all year round.

The penultimate weekend in May  this magical land is revived with the Festival, as there will be numerous additional interesting activities organized. You are invited to view a short presentation Goldenhorn fairyland: INVITATION.

In the immediate vicinity of the Goldenhorn fairyland right by the Bohinj Lake Hostel pod Voglom is located, where you will find illustrated fairy tales on the walls of some of the renovated rooms. The visitors enjoy them very much. Other possibility is the Suha Cottage -  the family house for rent, which can accommodate up to 21 pax – perfect for a group family holiday.

Welcome to the magical Bohinj!